Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lollies and paints

A couple of things we've been up to. We made smoothies and lollipops from the left over tropical fruit that I didn't quite manage to make into a fruit salad in time for the Sri Lanka night. Everyone was fairly stuffed anyway so it may not have been eaten. Brendan loved this mango lolly made with mango, orange juice, some yogurt and a little bit of sugar.
I look HUGE in this photo but I still love it. Here's Tadhg hangin out on my lap while I dream and doodle about this year's gardening plans in our new gardening diary that Steve put together. The first of the seeds are planted and a bunch of others from old seed packets are being tested to see if they might still have some life in them. I'm sure updates from the garden will be a regular feature of the blog this spring and summer. Too many ideas and not enough time, space or money to achieve them all. We'll do our best!We also went back to the clay cafe again, this time with about twenty other friends, little and large. Tadhg spent much of the time being ignored in the centre of the table (Not really, everyone gave him lots of attention but he is so easy going that I just about forget he's there sometimes :))
That's it for now. Steve is entertaining Tadhg while I get this post done before bed and I hear lots of giggles so want to go and join in the fun.

Almost forgot, I wanted to write about something that happened last night. For a few minutes I'm sure I was the happiest, most blissful mummy in the whole world. Brendan, Tadhg and I were all in bed, Tadhg in the middle. I lay on my side facing my two babies, who both stared back at me with such beautiful, peaceful faces and listened intently while I sang to them. Then Brendan sort of curled himself around Tadhg as I do when we sleep, and he put one arm around the top of Tadhg's head and stroked my hair, and with the other hand he played with Tadhg's fingers. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Absolutely perfect. There was so much love oozing between us and I could see the future stretched out in front of us and all the good times we're going to have. The only thing that would have made it more perfect than perfect would have been if Steve was there too. Alas, he was off flying around having fun somewhere. Plenty more times like that to come though.
Soppy, but hey, this blog is for recording these things. Good night now.

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