Friday, March 20, 2009

Colour in our lives

It's a beautiful sunny morning and Brendan is busy colouring at the kitchen table. We found some super "silky" crayons at Hot Toads recently and Brendan has been using them almost non stop since they were opened. I have no idea how they are made- most likely a petroleum product but they go on the paper so smoothly and the colours are wonderful. I'm hoping to pick up some beeswax crayons in Montreal next week to give them a go too.
We've been doing a few crafts to take to Montreal with us for Granny and Grandad and the cousins. Brendan now tells me what he is "drawing" such as birds, the "sun coming up", trees, daddy and "daddy going work red jeep fly helicopter".
We've also taken the winter things off the season table and tree and I'm starting to think about spring. I don't really want to jump the gun- I think we had a couple of snow storms later than this last year. Our indoor tulips are doing better than expected and the crab apple branches are opening up, although the timing isn't very good as we'll likely miss the best of the blossoms when we are away next week. The seedlings are doing well and our neighbour will be looking after them while we're away.
We haven't noted Brendan's favourites for a while. Bears seem to be a theme.
-Books read almost every day include Old Bear, Bear's New Friend and We're going on a Bear Hunt (with the story on CD)- He likes to watch me act it out along with the CD but doesn't usually join in, which is odd as he loves acting out other scenes and pretending to be things.
-His stuffed bear ever since his friend Grace stayed the night with her teddy bear.
-Hiding the schleich brown bear in the pile of clean laundry.
-Pocoyo and fruit salad by the wiggles on you tube.
-Playing in the sandbox on the deck (a mixture of flour, rice, wheatgerm and lentils)
-Playing with water in a bucket.
-Covering pages with colour until it turns black.
-Naming the colours of the bunting flags, crayons, his toys, anything.
-Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream! (We mix fruit with frozen yogurt)
- Any type of pasta with sauce.
-We've made a smoothie nearly every day this week.
-"Make cookies" is a regular request.
-Playing "smackdown" with daddy.
-He loves to interact with Tadhg- he shows him things, puts blankets on him, makes him smile, takes his boots off, strokes his head and ocassionally sits on him.

And there's so much more... I love this age. He's a very cheerful little soul who chats away to people and loves to be outside. Our occasional altercations are usually about hitting, pushing and shouting "no!" and "Go away!" but he is starting to understand I think. He's actually getting pretty good at sharing and taking turns but there's a long way to go yet :)

And Tadhg's favourites?
-Bouncing on your lap to various horsey tunes and rhymes.
-Having his nappy changed.
-Daddy carrying him 'just so' in his arms, facing out.
-Eating milk and smiling at his mummy while he eats.

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Disie P said...

What precious times these are for you!