Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back Home

After a fun filled and busy week in Montreal, we finally arrived back home. Brendan was great the whole way but Tadhg wasn't impressed being strapped into the bucket for 10+hrs. It started snowing around Quebec City and it became a bit of an issue at Edmunston. The road conditions where bad enough that we almost stopped and got a room for the night. Once we got to Grand Falls, the weather cleared out and it was smooth sailing.

Once home, Siobhan put the kids to bed while I unpacked the van. There was so much stuff we literally could not see the landing. Exhausted from a long drive, I decided to take another day off from work in order to get the house back into a routine and hang out with the family.

Here's a picture of Brendan helping me out with supper. This is the new tagine which Mom & Dad bought us. Our friend Colin just got back from Alabama so we had him over for a Morocan Tagine to chat and catch up.

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