Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Saturday in May

We had a lovely weekend with NO PLANS WHATSOEVER. We rode our bikes,

played in puddles,

smiled for the camera,

listened to music,

built a chicken fence,

built a hundred puzzles, (well, at least ten)

and threw stones down a drain and then listened to see if anyone was stuck down there and needed rescued.

All in all a great weekend. We also reorganized kitchen cupboards, cleared some more of the weed field to make a pumpkin patch, fertilized the plants, tried out a water slide on the lawn, went to the park, added a rope swing to the treehouse, went for a walk in a WW1 cemetery nearby and Steve and the boys are off to pick up the caravan which has been sitting in a corner of a car park on the base all winter and is need of some care and attention before we use it sometime soon. There's talk of a canoe trip in the next few weeks.

And lastly, here's a photo taken at Paradisio Park the other day. This was just after Tadhg had thrown one of our good water bottles into the water in the tropical bird house and we had to find someone to come and scale the fence, scramble through the trees, climb down a rock wall, balance on some stepping stones and fish the bottle out for us. The boys loved that, of course. I will not be surprised if the same thing happens again next time!

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