Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our back garden

Welcome to our back garden.

I will love looking back at these photos later. One of my favourite things to do is move things about in the house (and outside) and change stuff around so nothing stays as it is for very long. I'm collecting some house photos too, for later.

Most of the growing is happening in this back corner and on the patio. Here's Brendan and his friend Aiden playing. The grey bin has potatoes in it.

The deck. We eat out when it's nice and the boys play out here pretty much every day, regardless of the weather.

Porridge and melon outside for breakfast.

Fun in the sand box.

Eating strawberry fool in the new treehouse.

Here's the treehouse almost finished, Steve has added a few extra little touches since.

We have handy tree stumps all over the place. They make good steps, tables, seats and places to play near the sand pit or practice hammering. They've been picked up while out and about- I just stop and ask if I can have a couple whenever I drive past someone chopping down a tree.

The chicks will soon be running around in the garden. Putting a fence up for them is this weekend's project.

A playhouse, a treehouse and now a greenhouse. Steve is wonderful! I helped when I was needed, but mostly just watched (and gave my opinion when asked) while keeping the boys out of trouble and away from the power tools. Our tomatoes and green peppers are in here and thriving so far. The basil plants have been eaten by something though- we're not sure whether to plant another sacrificial basil or to pull them out and risk the bugs moving on to the tomatoes. That's just one of our garden issues at the moment- the others include ants, ants, some sorry looking bean bushes, other tomatoes refusing to flower and more ants. I'm keeping an eye out for the caterpillars that ate so much last year. Steve had a little tutorial from our neighbour at the weekend. He makes his own pesticide with nettles from the back field.

Outside from inside.

Tomatoes, peppers, carrots and radishes.

In the greenhouse.

And a herb tub complete with spider web. There must be tens of thousands of spiders in our garden.

Can't wait for the day we have a big, interesting garden with mature trees and some topography! But we're making do and giving this garden our time and love. We'll be spending a lot of time out here.
I just put a whole bunch of other photos in our web albums. I really need to spend some time figuring out a way to organize our photos. It's one of the many big projects on my to do list- along with catching up on my breastfeeding reading, making curtains and other sewing, sorting through clothes, finding more shelving for books, planning my contribution to the homeschool cooperative (more on that later) and a bunch of other projects. I'm looking forward to a slow but productive summer at home :)

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