Monday, May 9, 2011

Another new addition

Meet Cou Cou, our new rat. We went to the agricultural/animal shop for chick food and came home with this lovely wee rat. I have had rats before but this is a first for the boys and Steve. Brendan decided that her name should be Cou Cou, or Koo Koo or Cuckoo- however it is spelled it must be said with an over exaggerated french accent. (He corrects you if you pronounce it wrong!) I've gone with the spelling Cou Cou just because we brought her home just a few days after our Cou Cou de Malines chicks and that was how the Belgian lady spelled and pronounced it. I know, the name is silly, but it has stuck and we seem to be used to it already.

I'm sure she will be good friends with the boys and will be out to play a lot. She has been very patient with Tadhg already, who is still learning how to hold an animal gently :)

She is curled up asleep on my lap as I write this. Very sweet. It is lovely to have animals in the house again. We haven't been blogging much recently so I haven't recorded here how we lost our lovely cat Bill. He stayed out one night, which wasn't unusual, but this time he didn't come home in the morning and hasn't been seen since.

When we left Canada we re-homed our other little cat Alma and we talked about her with Brendan saying that she wanted to live on a farm so we found a nice big farm with lots of mice and a family with a little girl to look after and love her. So the other day Brendan was looking very pensive and suddenly said, out of the blue, "Mummy, maybe Bill has found a farm and is living with a little girl and is very happy like Alma." Lovely thought.

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jo said...

I love cou cou. Does she squeeze out of those bars?! xx