Sunday, May 15, 2011

A day in the garden

We picked our first strawberries today. They were unbelievably delicious. The boys ate a couple but managed to resist one which they ran off with to give to daddy who was busy building a tree house suitable for little people.

They are wearing wellies because this tree is in the corner of what pretty much amounts to a nettle field out behind our back fence. We've cleared the area around the tree but the nettles are persistent to say the least. We're hoping that once the chickens are big enough they might help keep the little nettle seedlings at bay.
Tadhg "helped" of course.

They immediately took to jumping around this thing like monkeys, Tadhg copying everything Brendan did.
They came in for supper- spaghetti with yesterday's homemade burger leftovers cut into cube shaped meatballs- but they couldn't wait for me to make a quick dessert and rushed back out before the last mouthful had been swallowed. I whipped some cream and took out a big bowl of strawberry fool, alas not with our own berries but it was yummy and sweet nonetheless.

And here's our little knight off to fight a dragon.


Nicholas said...

Brendan is really looking like Paddy in those Knight pics :)

Matt Smith said...

Great tree fort. We are looking forward to seeing it up close. See you soon,
Ira, Hannah, Matt