Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cluck cluck

I'm astounded by how fast these girls are growing. I'd heard about it of course, but actually seeing a visible difference from one day to the next is just incredible.

Check out the feathery feet on the Malines!

Brendan is still more attached to the littlies. No wonder- they're a lot less flighty (these are the ones that each had a wing chopped off - NOT by us but by the farmer before I knew anything about it) and as they are younger their beaks aren't as developed yet either.

We put them out in the chick pen for a couple of hours each day, less if the temperature is on the cool side. We had to start covering the hole in the top as they started to jump out.

We also let them run around a bit too but they really don't like to stray far from familiarity and run around the outside of the pen trying to get back in! They do enjoy scratching around in the soil though.

We can easily tell them apart now and their personalities are beginning to show through. This one here pecked my finger yesterday. It didn't hurt at all but it made me jump. Those beaks are getting pretty big and sharp :)

I'm collecting some photos of the garden so I'll do a garden tour sometime soon.

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