Monday, November 30, 2009


It's the last day of November today and we're gearing up for christmas. I made this advent calendar with some help from Brendan, Steve and Brian. I took a bunch of old envelopes and cut them in half. Next year I'll save envelopes from post we receive- these ones are unused but ancient, those airmail ones are at least 20 years old- shows how often I write letters :(
Each envelope has a card in it on which I wrote an advent activity to do that day. We'll see how it goes- I'm sure some will work and others will be a complete flop. I'll try to keep track in case we do this again.
Brendan is working on his scissor skills so really he just cut up magazine pages and glued them together.

Here's our bungee Santa that hangs over the kitchen table.

We went to the Gagetown Village Christmas fair yesterday. One of the vendors at our Saturday market has a small farm there so we met some friends there for lunch. We met the goats, a big pig and some chickens too. The food was gorgeous- it was a treat to eat some wholesome, home cooked food- not easy to find in Fredericton.

And finally, Tadhg in a pair of trousers I made from an old T-shirt last week. He loves to go on this little slide on his own now. I can't believe he's nearly one. I have no idea what to get/make for him for his birthday. Will need to put some thought into it.

We've decided not to go to New York next week so that we can just save money for our trip to Montreal and the UK. So we'll be able to have a little birthday supper with Daddy and maybe a couple of friends.
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Anonymous said...

We can't beleive you still have that bungee Santa from Lake Placid; I think we picked it up for you when you first joined the regs!!!! Or is this a replacement one?
Sandy & André