Sunday, November 15, 2009

Travel Plans

Early December: road trip to NYC. Siobhan and boys only during Steve's exam week.

Christmas: Montreal for a family Christmas with the Riffs

Late December/January: UK to introduce Tadhg to the Skehans (about time!) and meet FIVE new babies!

Lots to do before all that happens. We've started on some homemade presents. We'll be travelling light again so will need to put some thought into packing.
NYC will be fun. We're going in one van with our friends Cheyanne and Grace and will be staying on a christmas tree farm an hour's train ride from Manhattan. Will stop in Portland on the way down and then go into the city a couple of times and maybe spend a night there. Other days will be spent enjoying the snow (fingers crossed) and nights will be spent by the fire, enjoying a glass of wine and (hopefully) hand sewing some christmas pressies. Can't wait:)
We'll also have Tadhg's first birthday away without Daddy. No biggie though, they can have a chat on the phone like they did today- Tadhg is really funny when he shouts into the phone at Steve.

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