Monday, November 16, 2009

Bonfire Night

This is a bit belated- these photos were on the wee camera which has been hiding out somewhere. We went to Jen, Rich and Maeve's for bonfire night. Maeve and Brendan played so beautifully together, with lots of giggling and fun. As we left, Maeve wrapped up one of her own soft toys and gave it to him as a gift. (I checked with Jen before he accepted it :) ) It's a little lamb that he has named Doey. He has slept with it snuggled against him every night since then. It's the first time he has latched on that strongly to any soft toy- even Robin Bear and Jellycat don't stay in the bed for multiple nights in a row.
Here they are playing on a swing.

And then these are from another walk at O'dell. Climbing the monkey trees and exploring the bear cave.
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