Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saying goodbye to more friends

Regularly being parted from friends is an inevitable part of being in the military, but Fredericton is also a university town and if your circle of friends also includes students and university teachers then the problem is doubled. We've now had to say goodbye to four different families that we have got along really well with. Not to worry, we'll keep in touch and it means we have people to visit across Canada!
So yesterday we went to a little farewell cocktail party. Our friends' realtor provided the food (great deal!) and the party was held at their parents' house in a beautiful spot on the Mactaquac head pond.

Steve and Brendan went for a paddle in a kayak, a swim in the river and another swim in their small indoor pool. Next time Tadhg will probably be able to go too.

Tadhg had his first taste of beer. I was on Brendan duty when this photo (below) was taken and didn't see it till later. Steve swears that the can was unopened but, well...

A hazard of this type of fun though is that Tadhg must have grabbed it once it was open too as I came back to find Tadhg at the end of a trail of blood. He managed to get four cuts on his hands that were tiny but nevertheless produced an inordinate amount of bleeding. He didn't notice of course. Below is a much more pleasant photo of Tadhg.

Brendan is still infatuated with cows so we stopped on the way home to talk to some.

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