Monday, August 3, 2009

New Brunswick Day

Today was New Brunswick Day and we were invited by the Village of McAdam to join in the festivities as one of many VIPs. The day started off early with a 6:30 wake up in order for us to catch the train. Yup, NB Southern Railway hosted a train ride from Harvey Station to McAdam.

It took us about 55 minutes and Brendan had a blast. At least until he was removed from the observation deck because one of the VIPs was not happy with him out back even though Siobhan had a watchful eye.

Once in McAdam, they had a parade, a free BBQ for everyone, train rides and historic walks around the old station just to list a few of the activities.

Here's a picture of Tadhg having a happy moment waiting for our trip back to Harvey Station as well as Brendan & I walking down to check out the locomotives. Note Tadhg's first and only tooth so far.

All said and done, it was an outing well worth it. Best guess, the Village of McAdam had around 4000+ visitors and Brendan's excitement yet again was pure enjoyment to watch (and tiring!).

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