Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cross Canada Century Flight

With the lead up to our Garden Party, a lot of our time was taken up with party preparations. As a result, Brendan was looking for some attention by Sunday morning and this was the perfect distraction. Brendan and I jumped into the van and went to check out the airplanes at the Cross Canada Century Flight static show.

Once there, it was obvious that Brendan was excited to see all the hustle and bustle on the ramp.

This is a picture of Brendan in the cockpit of John McGregor's Twin Comanche. He started his trip across Canada from Vernon, B.C. John en route for Baddeck, N.S. John used to serve with the Squadron and he had the 403 Wolf proudly painted on the tail of his plane. I had the chance to show him around the Squadron earlier that morning and enjoyed the opportunity.

Here's a picture of another plane I'd love to own one day, a Murphy Moose. Maybe Siobhan will buy me the fuselage kit for Christmas. (doesn't it need wings? ed)

To close, here is a clip of Brendan explaining what airplanes do.

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