Saturday, August 1, 2009


Look at these beautiful playsilks!! If only they belonged to us. A friend came round yesterday and we spent the whole day dyeing fabric in the back garden.
All four children were very patient with us as Agi and I got totally engrossed in the dyeing process. And what a process- it is pretty complicated and time consuming but lots of fun. Below was taken as we were rinsing all the fabric out. We did play silks, silk scarves, a couple of bed sheets some clothing for us and the kids and a lunch bag.We learned a lot and are happy with how some things turned out- less so with others. The playsilks are beautiful and held the colour really well, perhaps as they were the first things to be done. Many of the other things didn't hold the colour so well. Possible reasons include not enough fixer and trying to do too much fabric per dye bath. So if Agi's up for it maybe we'll dye another day. Ooh, I always wanted to be spy.

And Brendan eating watermelon. He HAS TO HAVE the biggest piece.

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