Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Garden Party

Last weekend we hosted a garden party to celebrate nothing in particular, just for a good time. With all the hard work as mentioned in the previous blog post, it was well worth it.

All said and done, we had 26 adults and 18 kids of all ages. The party started off with drinks and nibbles placed around the house. Once everyone more or less arrived, I invited all the kids to come for a swim in the pool. At one point, I think I had 14 kids in the pool. I'll just describe it as organized pandemonium. None the less, it was loads of fun for us all.

By the time the kids where dried off, it was time to eat. Siobhan wanted everything freshly homemade so here's a list...

Spicy chick pea salad,
Three bean salad with a french dressing,
Tossed green salad with blue cheese,
Another green salad without cheese,
Three dressings- balsamic, lemon goat cheese and french
Hummus, curry dip and salsa for dipping vegetables and pita bread,
Four big french loaves tied with parchment paper and string with different sandwich fillings:
Brie, ham and lettuce,
Roasted vegetables and hummus,
Brie and tomato,
Ham and cheddar,
(So people could cut whatever sized piece they wanted)
Summer berry mini-tarts,
Apple and blackberry pie and
Homemade mango and strawberry ice lollies.

The only annoying thing is that we totally forgot about taking a picture of the spread we had out. Oh well, such is life. We were obviously too busy having fun with our guests.

Here is a picture of the pool with all the kids and me having fun. (Note Brendan's naked bottom at the bottom :)

We should do this more often because we really enjoy having lots of people over. The last few left around 8.30 after a board game. And we found some more people who might join us on future canoeing trips.

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