Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More wintery wonder

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a walk so we went for a wander on the farm near our house. Half way across a big field I told Brendan that we were on a farm and talked about crops and tractors and bales of hay etc. Brendan began singin Old MacDonald had a farm but then stopped walking and stood very still and quiet. He started to say "cows moo" and "farm" over and over so I think he was wondering where the cows were since this was a farm and as far as he knows all farms have cows.
His concentration as he listened was intense and made me start to listen too. At first it seemed very quiet and peaceful and then we started to talk about all the noises we could hear... traffic, industrial noises like a giant hammer, metal clanking, a vehicle beeping as it reversed, a snow plough, a helicopter, a plane we could see and one we couldn't, a dog barking, the electricity cables buzzing...
We carried on with Brendan walking and me pulling a sled for when he got tired.
It was probably the furthest he has ever walked, at least in the snow with full snow gear on. We looked for animal tracks (there are lots of deer around) and found these ones below. I'm sure they are just dog tracks but the way they went off into the woods allowed us to pretend they were something else :) Brendan was thrilled at being licked on the face by three different big dogs and I asked one walker to take a rare photo of the three of us.All in all a great morning out. We got home and warmed up just in time for Emily coming for lunch. Poor Steve, he was supposed to fly last night but couldn't because of ice so we were pleased that he was home before Brendan went to bed.

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