Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boys' day out

Steve, Brendan and Tadhg had their first day out together on Sunday. Well, it was more like a couple of hours rather than a "day" but by all accounts it was a success and lots of fun. While Siobhan went to a daytime theatre show at the university, the three boys got kitted up in their snow gear, piled in the car and went to Odell Park for some fun in the snow. They met up with Mya, Brendan's little friend and her dad, walked round one of the loop trails and went to Tim Hortons for hot chocolate and doughnuts afterwards. Steve forgot to take the camera but he reasoned afterwards that a toddler, a baby, a sled and a change bag was enough to manage on his first foray alone as a dad of two!
So here's another one I took recently that sort of shows the depth of the snow we have at the moment.

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