Monday, February 23, 2009

Clay Cafe

We had a lovely afternoon out yesterday. We met our friend Cheyanne at the Clay Cafe and stayed for over three hours! Tadhg slept for a couple of hours and then was sick all over the place. I hadn't unwrapped him fully when we came as I didn't want to wake him so I think he just got overheated. Is that possible? That he overheated and then threw up everywhere. It didn't bother him in the slightest though. He was a little floppy when I picked him up (an example of poor mothering here) but was soon laughing and smiling once he cooled down and rehydrated a bit! Brendan had a ball. He walked around pushing his little pull along suitcase which had some books and toys in it. He said hello to everyone and made friends with the 8 year old girls at a birthday party in the back room. He was desperate to play with one of the party balloons so I just asked if we could have one (politely in a jokey manner). Strangely the woman I asked looked at me like I had two heads and said I'd have to ask so and so, the birthday girl's mum. If I had been asked and it wasn't my child's party I think I would have safely assumed it was ok to be nice and give a balloon to a little boy, especially if there were hundreds more balloons than children there anyway. Whatever. (It irked me, obviously) The birthday girl's mother on the other hand was lovely and chatty. Brendan also spent some time confined to the little buggy I brought in for just such a purpose. He ate junk food while I painted my plate. (There's a poor mothering theme going on here I think) He finally crashed out in the buggy, having not had a nap before going out.
All in all a great experience. Afterwards we all went to the garden centre to buy some geranium seeds and potting soil.
I had gained bonus points in our 'exercise in extreme thriftiness' by choosing a discounted plate to paint at the clay cafe which someone had started and abandoned. However, I then went back into minus points by buying an expensive amaryllis bulb at the garden centre. I justified it by telling myself that I'd involve Brendan in planting it, caring for it and watching it grow. Perhaps we'll record its progress on the blog.

Today is a day for staying in. We are definitely snowed in, there's a drift 5 feet high behind the car and it's still coming down. I'm hoping our neighbour will notice Steve is away and do a couple of runs with his snow blower later.
Lots to do inside though. Better get to it.

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