Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Amaryllis Report

I thought I had a couple of suitable pots at home but couldn't find them. I may have left them out on the deck a few months ago so they will now be under a few feet of snow. A serious snow storm was in progress and I wasn't going out to look so we decided to use a frozen yogurt container. Brendan wasn't particularly interested until he was allowed at it with a watering can. If the bulb doesn't grow then over-watering will be a possible explanation. We also planted a few other bulbs that we forgot about in the autumn in various yogurt and cheese tubs. I googled 'forcing bulbs' and will see what happens. They're all in the dark, cold garage for a couple of weeks to allow some roots to grow.

After that we all hung out in the bathroom for a while, Brendan played with a bucket of water and Tadhg lay on the floor giggling and gurgling. Here he is having a good laugh.

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