Thursday, June 10, 2010

wanting time to speed up for a change

12 days until official packing begins but we are surrounding by boxes and piles of "stuff". We are feeling a little overwhelmed by the shear quantity of material belongings we own and almost every day one or other of us says "let's just get rid of it all!" But, of course, we don't. We have got to the point where we like everything left but still have way too much.
I'm looking forward to the three+ weeks we'll be living out of our bags- a chance to escape from it all for a while. And we are determined that, as we unpack every object at the other end, if it doesn't find a sensible home in the new house then it's not staying. Hah, we'll see how that goes. We dream of selling it all off, leaving for somewhere else and starting again with nothing. I just double checked with Steve to confirm he agrees and he said "and the kids too?" haha very funny :)
Our lovely friend and babysitter, Sam, very bluntly reminds me regularly that we wouldn't have this problem if we didn't bring something home every time we go out. So true. Maybe one day we'll make some drastic changes. Little steps for now though.

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