Sunday, June 13, 2010

Forest Fridays

I am so grateful for chance meetings! How different our time in Fredericton would have been had we not been in the right place at the right time and struck up conversations on a number of occasions. And through one person we would meet another and then another until we found ourselves surrounded by wonderful, interesting, supportive people. We have felt quite at home here and now that our time here is coming to an end we are realising how much we're going to miss everyone.

One such group of people is our Wednesday playgroup. I used to call them my greeny group. We had been here a year already and I was excited and relieved to finally meet a bunch of people who shared many of our own ideas about parenting within this crazy culture of ours. Anyway, through that group we have met some of our dearest friends here and we will miss them all.

Here are a few photos of our latest Forest Friday walk. It's a waldorf/steiner inspired group and is such a lovely part of our week that we are determined to start one of our own once we are settled in Mons. We go for a short circular hike in the woods in Fredericton's wonderful O'dell Park. Tadhg is the youngest and Brendan is one of the oldest. We go along a trail, over some bridges, scramble up a rocky path, past a waterfall, a pond, a cave, a mud patch and, of course, lots and lots of trees. Half way round we stop and gather in a circle and share a home baked healthy(ish) snack and sometimes sing a song or listen to a story.

Here we go... The beginning of the hike.

"Water" is one of the few words Tadhg pronounces very clearly.

Tadhg having a closer look at a fern.

Regular stop to investigate the "cave".

Brothers in mischief. (I shouldn't say that, should I? Self-fulfilling prophecies and all that :)

All in all a special time. And we've met even more wonderful people in the last couple of months and feel sad to be leaving before we've got to know them better.

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