Sunday, June 13, 2010

special places and pals

I'm keen to get a few more words and pictures in about some of our favourite, regular spots and our favourite people in Fredericton before we leave. Here's Brendan with Maddie clambering up a dirt pile, obviously.

We'll miss these guys. Sophia has been a great listener and source of good, chilled out, oh-well-what-the-hell kind of vibes whenever I needed them. Here we are walking past the beaver pond on the farm near our house. Baby Mac on her back and I must have had Tadhg with me.

Here's the other wee beaver dam just outside our back fence. We've spent many hours hanging out on this small patch of muddy land. Never did see a beaver though. Maybe I'll take Brendan out there one dawn or dusk before we leave.

And this is not in Fredericton but down in Fundy National Park. We camped out in Lindsey and Matt's back garden and then spent a night in the park itself with Cheyanne and Grace. Was too busy enjoying everyone's company and only managed to get this one photo. Must remember to take more next time we see them.

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