Monday, June 14, 2010

Balance Bikes Rock

This is the coolest bike in the world! We found it in a wonderful little toy shop in Mons and couldn't resist. He absolutely loves it. I took a couple of video clips on the first day and will take another this week sometime to show the difference. But here he is showing off his skills today after only a couple of weeks' riding.


Ending with a flourish.
As he started to experiment with lifting his feet he would ride up onto the verge to slow down. He is now getting to grips with slowing down and stopping- although going downhill is still a scary affair (for me watching that is!)

It was a perfect evening today. There had been a thunder storm earlier in the afternoon so it was a lovely fresh post-storm evening with incredible lighting and a recent rain smell. Steve worked on the picnic table he's building for the boys while we watched and played in the front garden. Look at him go! I think he could really get into woodworking.
Can't wait till this is finished. Should be light enough for Brendan to move it around on his own and put it where he wants in the new garden. Or at least with a friend, once we find some. After watching a few episodes of the Green Balloon Club (a British TV show we watch online) he now wants to have his own club to sing songs and play in the garden.
He still goes to playschool once a week for a couple of hours and the teacher says he may not be that interested in drawing and colouring (or anything that involves sitting at a table and concentrating) but he certainly loves to perform and to build and take things apart. Just thought I'd record that here- who knows how he'll change and grow and what he'll be interested in at any point in the future. It is such a privilege to be a part of this whole thing. Wow I love my boys so much.
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