Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcanoes 1 Humans 0

Eyjafjallajokull erupts

Wow! I feel for all the people stranded and/or losing out in some way but I can't help but feel awe and excitement when I think about this. I also feel gratitude for the Earth's reminder that we humans are not as powerful and in control as many of us think we are :)

Paddy and his friend John are in Morocco and embarking on a Tintinesque adventure to try to get home. They got on an overnight train to Tangier last night and are hoping to get on a boat to Spain and then hitchhike back to the UK. Caitlin and I were imagining them trying to stowaway on one of the British Navy ships that's heading to Northern Spain to help stranded Brits. Although why we didn't think they'd be allowed on legitimately I can't remember. They are genuine stranded holiday makers, albeit without a tour company to sort things out for them. Maybe we stupidly thought they can manage on their own so are not worthy of the help :)

Billy is still stuck in Ireland with not a ferry ticket available for at least a week. He's missing work and thus not getting paid. Hopefully he'll get on a flight sooner than next week.

So, will our HHT go ahead? We are due to leave on Saturday for a week long trip to Belgium to find a house, have a look around, check in at Steve's work, find a doctor, bank etc. Caitlin is due to fly here on Wednesday morning to look after the boys. There's nothing we can do but wait... and consider the possible outcomes.

If none of us can travel we'll postpone the whole thing. If Cait can't travel but we can then we'll see if their grandparents or someone else can have the boys, and failing that, either we'll try to take them with us (which is unlikely to be possible) and maybe get Caitlin over to Belgium to babysit. Last resorts will be that Steve goes alone or we postpone anyway. No strong preferences either way so we'll just hang tight and see what happens.

Watch this space...

In the meantime a normal week has started. We'll head out to a friend's to play this morning then Brendan has preschool this afternoon. Tomorrow is library and lunch in town with friends, Wednesday is playgroup (and hopefully picking up Caitlin). In our free time Steve is studying for his last two exams this week, I'm working on a display for the FredKid fair and we're watching Prof Brian Cox's latest programme Wonders of the Solar System on bbc iplayer and you tube.

Have a good week all.

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Betty said...

Hope everything works out for your travels. You are amazing people all round. If I was a kid, I'd sure wish you guys were my parents.