Friday, April 16, 2010

New "spot" discovered while exploring

We were trying to find a place we have only seen on googles satellite image of our neighbourhood. Towards the wilder side of the potato farm, not far from our house, we could see a beaver pond and a separate stretch of stream with a treeless floodplain. It looked great from the air but we hadn't got around to bushwhacking through and finding it yet- there is plenty of fun stuff in the woods as it is. But the other day Steve ran into a man with two dogs who said that a trail DID go through to that stream and you could come out on another street. Anyway, he couldn't find the start of the trail that day so the following day I went out determined to find it. And find it we did. After a lengthy stop at the beaver pond to throw rocks (these boys could do that for hours)
We bushwhacked a bit and finally popped out of the woods at this grassy floodplain. Perfect time of year as the grass is just starting to grow so we were able to move around easily. We saw a (dead) salamander and found evidence of people building log bridges to get across. We went upstream a bit and I was beginning to plan how I would get across if there wasn't a bridge. Luckily we found a proper bridge and followed a short trail straight into someone's back garden. The man Steve had met the day before was out working in his garden and he said to come through anytime we liked. He had built the bridge himself last year and liked that others were using it too.

Anyway, this spot is gorgeous. We'll go again and again I'm sure.

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Caitlin said...

New buggie looks like something you could go to outer space in! Looking forward to coming over- fingers crossed that the dust settles and my flight goes ahead! Billy's flight cancelled from Ireland :( and I think Paddy is stuck in Morocco!