Friday, January 1, 2010

Stop 1 - Farnham

Our first stop after the transatlantic flight was the Hubbard's house in Farnham, thankfully less than an hour from Heathrow. Despite having got through an inordinate amount of alcohol the night before they managed to thoroughly spoil us with lovely meals, lots of lounging and napping, some delicious meringues, and most importantly some extended family time for Brendan and Tadhg. Here we are having a roast beef dinner (Laura's friend on the right)

While Brendan and Siobhan slept on the sofa by the fire Steve and Tadhg went for a walk with Rose and Andrew across fields and along country roads to the nearest pub for a pint. Steve was in his element... as you can tell from this picture. Back in the UK. Yipeee! Though just give it a week or two and the novelty will wear off again :)
Tadhg found the perfect toy... a large bowl of conkers.

Here's the whole gang having tea and mince pies.

Next stop Yorkshire.

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