Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

In order to get the full New Years Day experience, Eimear suggested some sledging in the cow fields beside the house. By the time we got sorted, Michael recommended that we go to the golf course at Ampleforth instead of dodging cow pats. Hence, we ended up sledging in the dark.

Catlin and Billy, the first successful sledgers down the hill.

Based on the fact that Uncle Paddy kept wiping out. Here he is with a snow beard.

At first, Brendan was really timid and didn't want to take a run down the hill. Once he saw the gang risk life and limb, we gave it a go and he then wouldn't let me have a break. He would lead me up the hill about thirty feet or so, he'd point to the specific spot and then say, "Dad, we go from here". So here's a picture of us. He even went down solo a few times.

Here's the gang less Brendan. He fell off the bench just before the photo. Don't worry, no cuts, bruises, broken bones or anything else. Just a bad Dad... oops.

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