Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brendan's 3rd Birthday

Brendan had two of his friends, Mya & Grace, over for a birthday supper and cake.

With our backs only turned for a second, Brendan lifted up the plate with the cake on it an stuffed his face into it. Lets just say every one had a laugh. Especially Brendan.

Here's B in his dinosaur costume. Between the three of them, they tried on every outfit we have. A turtle, dragon, doctor, kangaroo, bumble bee, firefighter and more.

Lets just say that Tadhg loves his smoothies just as much as Brendan.

This is Tadhg playing Brendan's new baby grand piano. Thanks Uncle Phil.


Tommy said...

Granny & Grandad want to wish Brendan a Happy Birthday ! Tadhg sure looks happy, Love the smile and Brendan's long hair, always liked long hair. They're sure growing up fast.

Wide Open Spaces said...

It all looks great fun! Happy Birthday Brendan. Lots of Love.