Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out & About

With the idea of trying something new and getting some exercise, I went to the Base Gym and rented some snowshoes for us. So, with the sun shinning and a temperature of -12 degrees, we went for a 50 minute wander through the woodlot.

Siobhan and Tadhg getting a feel for the shoes in the deeper snow.

A quick family picture by the pond.

Once we got back to the car, Brendan even had a go at it. The snowshoes where a little bit too big for him so we didn't want to push him.
Here's a video of Brendan singing. I think future car trips and adventures will be interesting to say the least.


Tommy said...

Great video of Brendan singing. Must have played it a dozen times. Makes Granny & Grandad HAPPY!

Philip said...

Wonderful X3!