Friday, December 11, 2009

Little kids

We're in the park and there are some workmen laying pipes over in the far corner of the field. Brendan spots a mini excavator and just about explodes with excitement. So we trundle over through the deep snow and get within about 20 feet of a wee digger filling in a trench. It's near the end of the day so we watch two men each drive a different digger out of the trees and over to an open bit of ground. We follow and Brendan just stares open mouthed. He asks me a hundred times "what are they doing mummy?" Eventually as the two men are knocking the mud out of the tracks Brendan engages them in conversation... all on his own, as if he is one of the lads and I'm not even there.
"Guys, are you digging a hole?" (They manage a simple but friendly 'yes'. Undeterred he says...
"Guys, look at that plane over there!"
"Hey guys, be careful!"
And as we are walking away he looks over his shoulder at them and yells "Keep working!"

Oh so gorgeous. Earlier in the day we were walking along the street in town and two strangers were parting ways on a corner as we passed. They say goodbye to each other and Brendan shouts, "Bye guys, we're going to the Happy Baker."

I love that uninhibited friendliness that little kids have. Long may it last.

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