Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Trip around the Sun

Tadhg waiting for the candle to come a little closer so he can reach out and touch it. Daddy, Sam (our super babysitter and friend) and Mya looking on.
Here he is playing with his new ball from mummy with a jingly bell inside. He was also given a small set of tree blocks that his daddy made and a treasure basket that Brendan helped me to fill (more on those another day).
We were joined for a birthday supper by some friends. The older ones had a good time basically running around in top gear. The only slightly peaceful period was when they ate their macaroni cheese and we sang to Tadhg. I'm thinking I might try to do some sort of calming thing if we have a party for Brendan's birthday. If I can get my act together I might write a story and tell it to them at the party.

Some thoughts on birthday celebrations...
As we find our feet as a family we've been talking about the kinds of traditions we want to go forward with. The most important parts of birthday celebrations are the wishes first thing in the morning, the phonecalls from distant family, eating a special meal together or with friends and, of course, a cake. When it comes to presents, I love that Tadhg received only a small number of very thoughtful presents. Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes and gifts. What an incredible first year.

Tadhg, you are loved beyond belief and are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and the best family in the world. One trip around the sun and so much has happened. Here's to a second year that's equally exciting and filled with love and fun and learning.

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