Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Birthday

Happy Birthday! Steve had a late start so we had a cooked breakfast under the birthday banner and gave him our homemade gifts- a drawing from Brendan for Daddy's office wall (Steve's request) and a recycled sweater hat from me.
Steve then had a busy day at work and went flying while we stayed in and did lots of baking and went for a walk in the snow.
When Steve came in in the evening, Brendan gave away the surprise and said "Daddy, we made you birthday cakes!" So we had a nice supper and then lit and blew out the birthday candles about twenty times.

Then some more playing before bed. Here's a couple of photos of the aeroplane that Steve made out of a huge box he brought home yesterday.

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Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Steve the builder. That is one seriously awesome airplane. What fun!