Thursday, February 28, 2013

One to remember

Yesterday's snowy February day that went something like this...

- A big snowstorm
- A neighbour and I start to shovel and chat
- We rope in a teen from down the street to help
- Kids play in the snow
- We're joined by others as they get home from work and school early
- Everyone helps to dig out a stuck car
- People work together moving from one driveway to the next
- Some wet kids come in to play
- Some beer goes out
- Everyone comes in to our house
- Food appears; two pots of soup, quiche, bread and fresh baked biscuits (bread rolls), veggies, hummus
- Drinks appear; beers, port, baileys
- Four families (8 big and 7 small people) eat, chat and play together through the evening
- Spirits are lifted, smiles and laughter abound, kids run around, carefree and happy...

This is the way it should be but so often isn't these days. Steve and I both thrive on this kind of togetherness and community and we seem to have landed on our feet with this street. There are always kids outside and playing together, asking for favours and helping each other is easy, people care about each other and value being good to each other, even a wave and shouted greeting across the street helps to brighten our days.
Yesterday's snowstorm-get-together combined with recent friend finding success has us now being able to imagine Ottawa as 'home' and a place we could stay for a while.

Lots of good times ahead! 

Of course I wasn't willing to get distracted from the fun to get the camera out, but here's one from our street this morning (including fogged up patch on lens!) as the snow continues to fall lightly...

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jo said...

oh wow, that was a lovely wee story to brighten up my day. xxx