Monday, February 18, 2013

January round up

Lots of cross country skiing (and walking/sitting by the fire/chatting by Siobhan)
Bringing a reminder of spring into the house
Rady, steady, go! The baby belly is getting bigger. A rare bike-able day in January.

Museum visits 2 (Aviation and Science & Tech)

Walking round an icy neighbourhood

Lots of indoor activity. Volcano building here.

Den building and PJ days.

Decluttering therapy- I should have taken a before photo. These shelves had been a dumping ground since unpacking 4 months earlier)

Brendan's space craft came home from school. He made this at home and took it in to school which inspired a whole space theme in his class for a while.

We celebrate with a cake and the red plate when Tadhg learns how to go to sleep by himself at night. Though it hasn't quite lasted :)

Belle Belle

A few birthdays and lots of writing and drawing

Delicious wholesome meals at home, this tagine made by Steve.

A few trips to the library for books and play.

Quiet days at home for both Steve and Siobhan while the boys are at school. And lots and lots of baking- Siobhan's doing, though it has to stop if I'm aiming for a 9 pounder, not too much bigger :)

And lastly, a couple of storms, one seriously cold cold snap, one miserable thaw and subsequent icing over of everything, but most importantly; lots of sunny days!

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