Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy New Year (and some wacky teeth)

Brendan's class at school touched on Chinese New Year last week.He came home with many more questions than answers though so we spent some time reading about it, doing a couple of Zodiac related crafts and some writing. We found out that there is an annual dragon parade in Chinatown just a few km from our house but that it clashed with skiing time. Given the choice, Brendan chose the parade and Tadhg chose skiing so we split up and spent the day in pairs.

 The parade was a little disappointing in size (for me only, Brendan loved it as he had no expectations). We went with some friends and watched the various parts of the parade pass, then ran to overtake and watch it all again, repeated three or four times. Each child was given some lucky money in an envelope and we were treated to a firecracker show on the road just feet from the kids.We then went into a lovely little cafe called Raw Sugar for hot chocolate (a place I've been meaning to go to for ages and will likely blog about separately).

And check out these teeth! About two hours after this, while playing on the floor under a table in a pub, the right tooth fell out, unnoticed by it's owner. He popped his head up from under the table and smiled at me and I thought "something's not quite right here" and looked down to find the tooth right beside my foot on the pub floor.

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