Friday, December 21, 2012

Self imposed snow day

The view looking west along our street at 7am.
 This is what we woke up to this morning! And it's now midday and the snow is still falling. We've been outside most of the morning with a break inside for hot chocolate and dry clothes. It isn't cold so the snow is wet, perfect for making a start on a front yard fort.
I had decided ages ago that the first proper snow fall would be a snow day (no school) for us regardless of whether or not school was cancelled. It turns out we likely would have skipped school today anyway as it's the last day before the holidays and the boys have been off since Tadhg was ill on Tuesday, but it's still special.

Good one of the house looking christmassy.
Steve went out to clear the driveway while we had breakfast (this is one element of our gendered culture you will not hear me complain about!) and then I dressed the boys and sent them out. I then set up a clothes drying area in front of the fire and had a nice quiet chat on skype with Bernadette before heading out to join them.

 Caitlin, Paddy and Phil, do you recognise the coat? This was the coat that mum bought when we first arrived in Labrador in 1987 and had to fully kit everyone out with winter gear before that first winter. After 7 years in Saudi Arabia I don't think we owned a single item of clothing useful for a northern winter. I clearly remember the shopping trip, including being frightened of a large stuffed black bear in the shop, and some of the clothes. I'm not sure why I've kept this coat so long but it's quite useful now being the only thing that will do up around my already large baby belly!

Brothers looking like twins here!

 Our house in it's winter coat.

Didn't really get any nice pics of the boys but I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities for snowy photos during the long Ottawa winter!

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