Wednesday, December 12, 2012

first little boy birthday party

Tadhg is four! I can't quite believe it. Or at least it catches me by surprise every now and then when I think about it. It's so much fun to see him growing and changing, but sometimes I want to slow it all down. And we certainly didn't plan for Tadhg to be four when our third baby joins us!
But back to Tadhg and his birthday celebrations. He had a brilliant couple of days and made the most of celebrating thrice, first with Nana and Papa, then with cupcakes at school and then we all enjoyed our first proper birthday party. He had invited 5 children over for a birthday supper, two classmates and three neighbours.
 Nana and Papa came up for the day on Sunday and brought these lovely cupcakes with them and a much appreciated fire truck toy present. 

 Thankfully when I asked him again what kind of cake he would like he had forgotten about being fixated on a giant spider cake for the best part of the year. Lately he's just been saying "chocolate" but when he mentioned a brown snake cake I went with it. This request was undoubtedly inspired by the hibernation theme at school a few weeks ago, during which time Brendan dropped the word 'hibernaculum' into the conversation one supper time. 
 Dad's homemade pizza was enjoyed by all.
 This is Tadhg's new best friend in his class.
 So this was our first go at public present opening at a party. After witnessing this craziness at other parties Steve and I both thought we'd manage this a little 'better' and keep it under control. Well, we tried, but it was wild nonetheless... each child desperate to give him their gift and help him open it. They mobbed him, he loved it, and Steve and I soon sat back to let 'em at it and shrug our shoulders. Very funny.
We ended the day with a candle lit bath, which was actually the day's activity in our advent calendar. The lollipops were an optional extra on one of those special days when pretty much anything is allowed :) 

Happy 4th Birthday to our fantastic wee boy! We love you xxxxx

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