Thursday, December 13, 2012

Learning to write

Every day brings something new. I can't believe how fast this can happen! I'm reminded of how I was a tad worried that he wasn't learning quick enough back in the spring. We visited our friends (Tippers) whose wee girl is about 8 months older than Brendan and I was blown away by how good her writing was. But here we are now, and it's happened virtually overnight.
Above are a couple of examples from a story writing book he was given by Nana and Papa on Tadhg's birthday. At school last week Brendan made a book by himself (a story with drawings about a gingerbread man) and when reading it to his kindergarten class wasn't "enough" for him, the Principal took him upstairs to a grade 6 and a grade 4 class where he stood up on a chair and read his story to the bigger kids. I got this news third hand and am not sure if she meant not challenging enough, not satisfying enough, not exciting enough, a bit of each? He was quite proud as he told us how they applauded and he "took questions" afterwards. Hopefully we'll get the book home this week so we can see it.

I'll write more about their school and its "alternative" philosophy sometime soon.

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