Saturday, February 11, 2012

warming up and refueling

It has stayed below freezing pretty much all week, so when we come in from the cold it's often to the tune of "hot chocolate, hot chocolate!"

And below are a couple of pictures I took when we had one of our favourite dinners... an indoor picnic complete with crackers and cheese, our own chutney, pita bread, boiled eggs from our own hens, lots of fruit and avocado... yummy. And this particular one we had in front of an old James Bond film that was on the telly. The boys loved the long ski and car chases (and the fighting) but consequently Brendan then became James Bond for a couple of days which was a little difficult to deal with :) The skiing was cool though. Steve and I were getting excited about our upcoming ski trip to Norway!

Notice Brendan is working on something arty in both of these two pictures, as is often the case these days. 

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