Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful Belgium...

...not words I put together often. Wonderful snow, thank you! I love the way snow makes even the dullest, grey and drizzly landscape look bright and cheerful. Here are a few photos taken yesterday on two separate walks. First just Siobhan and Tadhg with the mini camera.
I took a few photos blind- the bright reflected sunlight meant I couldn't see the screen or focus and was wishing I had a proper camera with viewfinder. So later when Steve suggested I head out on my own while the boys watched a movie, I grabbed the big camera and swung by my newest wonderful friend's house to pick her up before going for an invigorating walk. Of course, we were chatting non-stop so I hardly took any photos, but here are the few I took.

After coming down from the hill we dropped in on another super friend in our neighbourhood and were welcomed in to a warm house. I promptly appropriated her month old baby and spent an hour happily cuddling a warm bundle of loveliness. We dragged it out as long as we could get away with before heading home to our crazy households and rejoining the hustle and bustle.

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jo said...

This looks fantastic. I love the chooks, I think you will have fat chooks like I had fat rats!! xx