Monday, February 13, 2012

arty pants

This is just a  fraction of the art produced by Brendan in the last 6 weeks or so. 
If you take a walk around our house you'll see a few more piles here and there and bits of paper stuck to walls and doors and fridges. We're running out of wall space :) 

Some highlights and favourite subjects have included...
  • his "play" of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which consists of about 8 "scenes" elaborately drawn by him with words dictated to mummy. The whole process took a couple of days and hours of movie watching!
  • a shield made completely alone with cardboard, a drinking straw and copious amounts of cellotape.
  • Stories in his story book, with pictures and usually involving a rescue of some sort.
  • the sketch drawn "in the field" of the vehicles working on our road.
  • pirate island maps, each one becoming more detailed
  • ocean and the octonauts, diggers and aircraft, rainbows and butterflies, people with fingers and toes


writing whenever the mood strikes
Making the most of an afternoon without Tadhg to get out all the paints.
cities and rescue centres created with lego

lego vehicles

drawing out and about

taking drawing stuff out with us

Imagination... climbing the giant's mountain.
There is so much more he manages to do that I haven't shown here. 
I do worry about not giving him enough time to just do this stuff, at his own pace and when he feels like it. It sometimes breaks my heart when I take him away from some project or other to go somewhere or do something. But when I see it all together like this I think it's ok to stop worrying. He's managing to fit all this creativity into his days and I think he's doing just fine. 

I've just registered him for his first organised activity. Next week is the Carnaval week off school and Brendan will be doing an art camp- 3 hours a day for 5 days. I'm not sure exactly what they will be doing (all the info was in french) but it said maximum 6 in the class and they have to bring painting clothes including old shoes that can get messy. Lots of big painting I think. 
Fingers crossed he likes it.

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jo said...

Brendan and Ross would get on so well.... Ross made a felt fish today and we sewed on lovely button eyes. Apparently it hatched out of a marble this morning.... hee hee.