Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Solstice

We started off the shortest day by having breakfast by candlelight and in silence (well, as silent as you can with a 3 and a 4 year old!) After a while we started talking in whispers about the day ahead and then talked again about the sun and the earth, life and the seasons. Brendan is genuinely interested, as long as I don't go on and on about it!

Later we had supper in the dark too and then a special fire in the garden with a candle lit path.The boys ran up and down the path for a while, jumped on the trampoline a bit and then Brendan stood up on our big log by the fire to look out for foxes. He had packed a fox-watching bag especially for the event. I know there was a torch, a pen and a notebook in it but I'm not sure what else. Probably his little encyclopedia of the earth. Ever since he found out that foxes kill chickens he gets very concerned if we are late closing up their house and is waiting patiently to see a fox in real life.
After a while we used magazines as a fan to blow out each candle as we walked away from the fire and back into our lovely warm house. I imagine that each year as the boys grow we will add to this particular special day.
These photos make it look very calm and pleasant, and it was eventually, but it started off with everyone being flustered and frustrated because I took so long lighting the candles and they didn't know what they were waiting for so didn't have any patience. There were also arguments about clothing and footwear, but once we got outside all was well. Except for me trying to convince the boys NOT to blow out the candles straight away. Hopefully next year it will feel more relaxed :)

Here's the beautiful pink sunset the day before the shortest day.

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