Thursday, June 9, 2011

Radical Dude!

Well, I got home from work today and Siobhan suggested that Brendan and I head outside to go for a walk or bike ride while she picked up Tadhg. After a quick discussion, Brendan decided that he wanted to go to the little woods with the hills by the St Symphorien Military Cemetery. I had been to the cemetery with Tadhg a few months back but not the woods. Once we got in there, it became obvious that kids use it as a little BMX track. With dips, humps, over hanging trees and an old well (we think), what little boy wouldn't love this place.

Before I knew it, Brendan was wazzing around the little circuit. "Dad, I'm gonna go straight" and "Dad, I'm gonna turn down there".

Here he is after a small wipe out.... BUMMER! Oh ya, he's wearing pajamas's because he wanted a 'pajama day' once he got back from school.

The goofy hero shot.

And... the 'piece de resistance', the on board camera, or should I say my iPhone, which I jury rigged.

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