Monday, June 20, 2011

Back Into The Air

This post is slightly overdue but I'm still excited about the thought of getting back into the air. We've been in Belgium for a year now and I really miss flying with the CF. Although I enjoy being a classroom based instructor, flying an imitation mahogany press wood bomber blows. So, a couple of months ago, we all stopped by the Tournai Air Club (TAC) to check it out. Before I knew it, I had the chance to go for a flight.

Another nice aspect of TAC is the family friendly atmosphere. There is a little play park by the club house and the members are more than happy to have the kids down by the launch point. Siobhan also found some walking trails around a small nature area. As for Brendan, he was very interested in the gliders and all the different parts.

This is me getting ready to take-off with Steph. This was his 900th flight. He is in a similar situation where he has a young family and is trying to juggle home life and gliding.

This is me after my flight carrying two tired boys back to the car. It's really nice to get back up in the air. On the way home, we stopped off for a pizza and croque monsieur lunch at a nearby pub followed by a quick detour to a parachute drop-zone to inquire about tandem jumps and lessons. Hmmmm, maybe someday soon......

Here are two videos from my flight. Steph did the take-off because it has been over 6 years since I last flew a glider but he did let me land the glider. Not bad for my first landing since 2005. Don't mind the comments from the peanut gallery about my landing. Okay, maybe it was a small bump on touchdown.

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Thanks for your visite !

See you soon,
A member of TAC