Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday, Bonfire & Beer

Another year has rolled around and Siobhan is now 34. This birthday was special in that her family, Caitlin, Paddy and Uncle Phil, flew over as a surprise. Or maybe not?
(They all tried but by the time the day arrived I knew they were all coming- didn't make it any less special! Siobhan)

A lovely tidy house before everyone arrived.

A walk in town on Saturday. We went to my favourite junk/vintage shop in town. Paddy was less than thrilled! We then had brunch in my favourite cafe- a birthday is a day for favourites :)

Ready for a rice and curry birthday dinner. Siobhan's favourite obviously. Homemade by Steve & Paddy.

Uncle Phil made birthday cake(s).

Supper was followed by a chilled out evening by the fire. Notice Tadhg in the sand box- he had had a long nap so wasn't ready for bed till quite late. I think it got dark well after 10.30, so this is later than it looks.

Not sure what's going on here.

The day after. Here's Caitlin and Tadhg tidying up and getting things ready for our next arrivals- Lindsey, Matt, Ira and Hannah were coming to Europe from New Brunswick for a couple of weeks and visiting us as their first stop.

Caitlin and Phil leaving for he airport. It was only a short stay but it was great to have them here. Paddy had the bright idea, just the week before, of staying with us in Mons for about 6 weeks.

And lastly here's a wee video of Phil playing by the fire. Well, I tried, but for some reason it won't upload. Perhaps I'll try to add it on a post of its own later.
It was lovely... with family, staring at the fire, watching my wonderful husband tend the fire(or play with it), swinging in the hammock and cuddling my 2 year old, and all the while listening to the sound of Phil and his guitar. A sound so familiar and beautiful- and every time he plays these days I feel like it's both tying me to the past and pushing me to look forward- it gives me butterflies thinking about the future, and all the music and family and good times we have ahead of us... I know, I know, I've been talking and thinking about and stressing the need to just live in the present, every day, but there's no harm in a little happy remembering of the past and hopeful thoughts of the future now and then.

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