Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Move Update

It's all coming together.

The last step of the screening process was completed this morning when we had our medical paperwork signed and Steve received a letter from his future boss yesterday. He has lots of reading homework to do and was also warned that he needs to arrive with everything in order and ready to deploy. It didn't say when that would happen but reading between the lines it could be pretty much immediately. The better news was that their tours are only 4 months and not the 6 months we expected. I hope we at least have time to settle into the house a bit first and buy a car. When we arrive my priorities will be to find a preschool for Brendan and a babysitter or two.

So we've started to pack and sort through the house. It will likely go on the market in a week or two. Today we spent at least three hours in the garden. The boys were playing while I dug over the veggie plot and tidied up some of the beds. There is only a little snow left in the shadier parts of the garden. We also spent a blissful half an hour playing by the beaver dam out the back gate. At one point I looked around and thought I must remember this moment. The three of us were doing our own thing, each one totally content. Brendan was standing by the water throwing rock after rock into the pond and testing his wellies in the shallows, Tadhg was sitting in a clump of last year's dead grass and picking bits off and testing them for taste and texture while I was sitting near a pile of snow and using a stick to draw and dig holes and move the snow about. Alma was playing nearby and crouching and pouncing on unseen things moving about in the grass. The sky was blue and the air was still. The only thing missing was Steve. Weekends are too short.

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