Saturday, March 6, 2010


We took this one today in the woods out behind the house. I'll probably crop it in a bit when I get back on our own computer.
We went "exploring". It is particularly beautiful out there with the snow cover and the sunlight filtering in through the trees. Here's a few more pics of our walk, playing in the garden and treehouse and feeding the chickens.

Boys in the wood.

Brendan is in this photo, dead centre in the distance. Don't worry, there aren't any bears. :)


Jo said...

Siobhan, that is the best photo ever of the 4 of you, love it. xx

Wide Open Spaces said...

A grrreat photo! We're loving reading all the exciting things you are doing. xxx

The Riffs said...

I can't believe we got a good one by ourselves with the timer. We're all smiling because one of the cats came for a walk with us and was climbing onto the log and sniffing at the camera.