Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!
It was my turn to go out trick or treating this year. I'm not usually a fan but I have to admit I had a great time! Steve couldn't miss out completely though, when we got back with Brendan's bucket full of junk food he took him back out again to do another street!
Many people admired our costumes and appreciated that they were homemade. Of the hundred or so kids we saw, probably more, there was only one other costume that was not a store bought one- a young Indiana Jones. We did cheat slightly- the top Brendan is wearing was bought in a thrift store and inspired the whole get up. Below is Steve glueing fabric to coat hanger wings- a good use of some of the fabric we commandeered at Naomi and Sam's wedding.

All Hallows' Eve Eve. Carved some pumpkins the night before with Cheyanne. Brian also had four Canada World Youth friends over so though I'd include this photo as it's a better one of him. (if you can see him behind all that hair)

Another one of us heading out.

And despite all the sweets and crisps and chocolate, Brendan showed no interest in any of his treats apart from this little crazy eights card game he was given by someone. Good idea.

So all in all a happy halloween.

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Wide Open Spaces said...

Well done on the costumes, you all look great. Long live ingenuity and creativity! We were all kitted out last night but there were no trick or treaters- Boo! Our neighbours did an amazing fireworks display which, surprising us, we took to be an electrical fire (we were cooking at the time), I shouted and Billy ran through with my favourite (flammable) cushion to put it out! Thank goodness it wasn't a fire on many accounts.

Cheyanne said...

Ohhh...I love the costumes. You did lots of work on them from what I had seen on Friday evening.

Grace dug through the dress-up box and decided to be an elephant. She loved the picture of Brendan as a bee.


Donna said...

the custumes are fantastic. It looks like you had a grand time. I love the card idea, too. I used to have so much fun making halloween get-up's for the boys in their younger days. There was one memorable one where we spray painted old snow suits silver and gold to look like robots.