Thursday, October 15, 2009

CWY and autumn days outside

the day we got back from Senegal we received an email asking for people interested in hosting two 18/19 year olds for three months to get in touch. A few hours later we had committed to hosting two boys, one from Canada and one from Ghana. They are on a Canada World Youth programme, spending three months in a community in Canada and then three months working on a development project in Ghana. It's all about youth participating in the development process. Seems like a good programme- the kind of thing we hope our boys will be able to do when they are older. So introducing Brian from Toronto and Kingsley from Accra in Ghana. Here they are helping out with putting the garden to bed for the winter.

King sweeping the deck. We plan to keep the lower deck cleared of snow so we can play on it this winter.Our one and only pumpkin!

Brendan washing the rocks and our terracotta mushroom. It was weird packing up the garden with a view to moving next summer. We probably won;t be growing any veggies next year.

And a couple of pics from the park.

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